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Shopping in Giridih

Emergence of Giridih in recent times has boosted the economy of the state of Jharkhand. People from different part of the country has found their job and places in the district headquarter. With the increase of inhabitants the need of civil infrastructure and market places has also grown significantly. Giridih is a vibrant city and a popular tourist center of the state. Market and shopping places attract everyone including locals and tourists. Giridih has done enough justification to all the people who look to market in the city.

Shopping Places in Giridih

Giridih City has many small and happening markets. Shopping in the city can be very enthusiastic as the prices are affordable and range of varieties is wide. DD Market is one of the key market places in the city. It comprised of many shops starting from groceries to clothes. The city being an industrial city, market places shops of industrial needs. The cloths are very cheap here and people from all around the district visit the city to shop especially during the festival seasons.

Shopping in Giridih

The various shops are located in all areas of the city inside the market and outskirts of the markets too. Mandi or Vegetable markets are also very popular in Giridih. Agmarknet or Mandi of Giridih is very popular as vegetables can be purchased at very low price in bulk. There are many other shops as well in the market.

Shopping Complexes in Giridih

Urban development of Giridih has started few years back and the city has shown remarkable improvement in a short span of time. There are shopping complexes in the city which have been especially established as per the multi brand retail marketing plan. All the needs and necessities of the day can be found here. The shopping complexes are hugely popular and adds to the shopping experiences. The weekends remain heavily crowded and tourist landfalls in the shopping complexes are also on very higher side.

Shopping Complexes in Giridih

With the emergence of modern shopping complexes the city has seen huge rise in sale of modern and branded clothing lines. The brand like Adidas, Reebok, Peter England, and Blackberry are slowly becoming popular and establishing them in the city. With the increased penetration of western influence, the city is also adopting the western outfits. The shops selling western outfits, observes frequent young customers who are fond of jeans and casuals.

V-Mart Retail Ltd. Giridih
Address: National Highway 114A, New Barganda, Giridih

K D Market
Address: Makatpur Road, National Highway 114A, New Barganda, Giridih

Local Markets in Giridih

Giridih is marked with numerous local markets. The most popular local markets are in Kali Badi Chowk, Baba Chowk, Kutchery Road and many others. Every item right from household goods to construction materials and more can be found in these markets. These local shops offer the essential household items to the residents. Some of the local markets in the city are well known for the variety of traditional clothing. The KD market in the city is famous for the collection of women apparels such as Ghagra, Choli, Chunni, saris etc at discounted rates. In this local market one can get matching accessories at unbeatable rates. The market especially observes the influx of women customers. Apart from shopping one can also enjoy eating the city cuisine in restaurants and food shops. Pani puri and chat is quite famous and the fast food corners in the market can be seen crowded all the Time. During the festival and wedding season, the local market experiences the huge crowd of customers as sale and discounted offers on various apparels are given by the shopkeepers.

Popular Shopping in Giridih

People of Giridih are shopaholic. People generally come out in weekends to shop. However, continuous crowd can be observed in the busy market streets of Giridih. The clothes and the jewelry are the most popular shopping items in the city. Gold ornaments are very popular and plenty of shops can be found in the city. Apart from the glittery gold jewelry, the metal ornaments are also top favorite of young girls who loves adorning metal texture jewelries with well fitted Kurtis.

Shopping places in Giridih

The local markets and the shopping complexes of the city have many Jewelry and Garments shops. There are several government run hand looms in the city that supplies original exotic tribal art items at reasonable rates. The tourist in the city mainly prefers buying from these hand looms. In Giridih local designer chappals are also very famous. The resident loves wearing matching traditional footwear with their dresses.

List of Shopping Markets in Giridih

There are many markets in the city which are not only famous but also remain crowded throughout the year. There are two things that are special and famous in Giridih, Utensils and Gold. People from nearby cities come to the market especially during the festive seasons.

Local Market GiridihRajdhanwar Market
Address: Dhanwar, Giridih

Jamua Market
Address: Jamua, Giridih

Kodamari Market
Address: Kodamari, Giridih

Baledi Market
Address: Baledi, Giridih

Kirodi Market
Address: Kirodi, Giridih

Kerhari Market
Address: Kerhari, Giridih

Kodimoh Market
Address: Kodimoh, Giridih

Balahara Market
Address: Balhara, Giridih

Khorthonba Market
Address: Khorthonaba, Giridih

Domchang Market
Address: Domchang, Giridih

Tilaya Market
Address: Tilaya, Giridih

Madhupur Market
Address: Madhupur, Giridih

Shopping experience in city of Giridih is amazing. The tourist enjoys the shopping up to the fullest. Bargaining, window shopping, freaking out in the market and tasting the mouth water food gives total shopping satisfaction. After purchasing the items and gift one will have difficulty in packing the luggage as the city offers exotic hand loom items at amazing rates. While shopping around in the city one can discover the true spirit of Giridih and its vibrant culture in form of exotic tribal art items available in local markets.

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