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Parasnath Temple

Giridih is considered as one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. The high hills, beautiful river, lush green forests and ancient temples have made the city one of the must visit in the eastern state of Jharkhand. The city is surrounded by high hills and Parasnath Hills is the highest for the city and the district. However, the significance of the hill is much more than simply being the highest peak. The ancient Jain Temple also known as Parasnath Temple is famous for its immense religious value and scenic beauty.

Significance of Parasnath Temple

Parasnath Temple

The etymology of this temple is much beyond than simply a temple. According to Jainism, this is one of the most significant and sacred places in the world. Out of twenty four Tirthankaras or Spiritual Guru of Jainism, twenty have found their Salvation or Nirvana or Moksya here. It is one of the most popular pilgrimages for the Jain and also a tourist destination.

History of Parasnath Temple

The reference of the Temple and the hill is found on the Holy Textbook Jnatradharmakatha, of Jainism. The history of the place is as old as 12th century. It is believed that all the Thirthankaras who attained Samadhi in this sacred place chose this place because of its divinity. The hill peak where the temple is situated is also known as Shikharji. It is also referred in the history with the names of Sammed Shikhar and Sammet Shikhar. The local Santhal Tribe Marang Buru in their local language. The hill was once unknown to many as it is surrounded by deep and dense forest. However, now well built trekking path has been made as the popularity has increased.

Pilgrimage to Parasnath

Thousands of devotees come in the holy shrine of Shikharji every year. This is one of the most visited and important pilgrimage for the Jainism. The name ‘Parasnath’ is believed to be taken from the name of Twenty third Tirthankara Parsva. The Samadhi of twenty Tirthankaras have made it even more special. There are many temples in the Parasnath Hills. All of the temples are equally important and famous.

The journey of Parasnath starts with the Bhomiyaji Temple. It is believed that the journey should be started by bowing the head in this temple. Every Tirthankara who got Samadhi in this hill has a dedicated temple. The list of the temples corresponding to the Tirthankaras is following.

Adinath-1st Tirthankar
Ajitnath-2nd Tirthankara
Sambhavanath-3rd Tirthankar
Abhinandannath-4th Tirthankar
Sumatinath-5th Tirthankar
Padmaprabha-6th Tirthankar
Chandraprabha-8th Tirthankar
Suvidhinath-9th Tirthankar
Shreyansanath-11th Tirthankar
Vasupujya-12th Tirthankar
Vimalnath-13th Tirthankara
Anantnath-14th Tirthankar
Dharmanath-15th Tirthankar
Shantinath-16th Tirthankar
Kunthunath-17th Tirthankara
Aranath-18th Tirthankara
Mallinath-19th Tirthankara
Munisuvrata-20th Tirthankar
Naminatha-21st Tirthankara
Neminath-22nd Tirthankara
Parshvanatha-23rd Tirthankara
Mahavira-24th Tirthankara

People visit all the temples in the Parasnath Hills with full of enthusiasm. There are many replica temples in the whole country of the temples present in the Parasnath Hills.

How to reach Parashnath Hills

By Road

The Shikharji and the hill is situated near the Grand Trunk Road or National Highway 2. The nearest city from the hill is Giridih which is well connected via roads to other parts of the state like State Capital Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro and other cities like Patna and Kolkata. There is another route to the hill from southern side where devotees have to come from the Isri Bazar side. Parasnath Hills foot can be directly reached by buses. 

By Railways

It has a well built and important Railway Station called Parasnath Railway Station. It comes under the major route of Kolkata- Howrah broad gauge line. Almost every train stops here because of its immense tourism popularity. Trains connecting various other cities like Kolkata and Ahmadabad also give a stop at the station.

The significance and importance of Sikharji and Parasnath Hills as pilgrimage and tourist spot is immense. It is the most visited place in the Giridih area and also considered as one of the sacred places in India.

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