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Food in Giridih

The food culture of Giridih is unique in its own way. The traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine still has its utmost place in Giridih. Being one of the pilgrimage for the followers of Jainism vegetarian food recepies dominate the land of the region. The influx of numerous tourists from across India has significantly increased the variety of cuisines in the city. Either looking for typical Bengali foods, or those influenced by Bihar you can find all and more.

Dishes of Giridih

Apart from Vegetarian dishes, people also take Non Vegetarian dishes. Chicken items are very popular in the city and many delicious restaurants offer both the style of food at the same time. However, the Snacks and the fast food of Giridih cannot be overlooked. With the course of time and advancement of the society, the cuisine Giridih has developed into a multi cuisine culture. The foods available in the city are generally fresh and hygienic.

Vegetarian dishes of Giridih

The traditional dishes of Giridih are famous throughout Jharkhand. Traditional Thali of Giridih includes urid dal or, rahar dal with bhat and marua roti . Two items of vegetables are must. Apart from it, Bengali Dish is also very famous here. The typical and traditional begun bhaja, alu patal, alu posto are very famous in this region. All types veggies are available in the Giridih city.

Non Vegetarian dishes of Giridih

Non Vegetarian food items are also very popular in the city. Chicken and fish are widely available in the restaurants. The tourists are especially fond of the regional fishes of Giridih. However, other general items like chicken biriyani, chicken curry and other mutton and chicken items are equally delicious and favored. Apart from the simple thalis, special items like chicken pakoda are also very famous. Pickle is a must for all the food items in Giridih. It is said that no meal is complete without a piece of pickle.

Snacks of Giridih

Giridih is no different from other cities of India. The snacks of Giridih are very popular. The most famous snacks in Giridih are singhara, aloo chop, vegetable chop, baignee chop , barra , and litti. All the snacks items are mainly freshly made and very famous in all over the city. The cuisine of Giridih is special due to the fact that it offers variety. The fresh and hot Chops (Kind of Pakoda) is delicious and extravagant. In many shops long queue can be noticed for the special samsoha or chops.

Snacks of Giridih

Apart from the freshly made Snacks, the traditional snacks are also very popular. The most famous among all is Nimki. It is a tri angular shaped snacks which can be kept for long time. The Nimki is also a very popular snacks item in the festivals and events. Litti is also very popular snacks item in the city. This is a stuffed snack with delicious items like Sattu.

Fast Food in Giridih

Giridih is small yet very eventful city. The fast foods are the life of the city. The famous Gol Gappa (Pani Puri), Burger, Samosha, Pakoda, various chops are very famous in Giridih. The city provides better quality food in affordable price. The local markets are full of fast food shops offering different items including Chinese and Manchurians. Giridih is an ideal place to while away time with family in the beautiful evening and have some spicy and delicious fast food at the famous restaurants.

Sweets in Giridih

Cuisines of Giridih
Sweets are special in Giridih. All kind of sweets ranging from North Indian Sweets to famous Bengali Sweets are available at the many places. The Jalebi is a famous sweet item in the city. Plenty of sweet shops in Giridih prepare delicious item of varying choices. Sweets like rosogulla, sandesh and others are also very popular along with the traditional sweets like thekua, kaju barfi, nariyal laddu or coconut balls and others. Sweets are part of all festivals and are considered as one of the major food items in the city. There are numerous sweet stalls in the city from where you can purchase variety of famous sweet dishes.

Restaurants in Giridih

Giridih has many restaurants that are well maintained and hygienic. All the restaurants provide delicious foods including Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian items. Vegetarian Restaurants in Giridih are generally separate and sell only the vegetarian items. However, there are some restaurants which deal in both kind of food. Many Chinese food items are also available in the city and it has much variety in terms of cuisine.

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