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Tourist Attractions in Giridih

Giridih is counted amongst the one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Jharkhand. The natural beauty and the vibrant cultural traditions are the most attractive features in the city. With high hills, dense forest and free flowing rivers it has everything to amuse the visiting tourists. Apart from its beautiful natural sites the city is also known for its religious destinations. Every year during the festive season the rate of tourists and pilgrims visiting the city increases. Most of the people visiting Giridih often opt to cover the major destinations from religious spots to beautiful picnic spots and more. The city has lot to offer apart from the devotional places. From water falls to wild life adventure, the city is full entertainment package for the visitors. History lover visitors can enjoy roaming and exploring more about the eye catching monuments in the city where as the shopping lovers can shop up to fullest within their budget. Below mentioned are the top visited sites in the city.

Plan your trip to famous Paras Nath Hills

Paras Nath hills, the highest mountain range with 1,350 metres in height is highest mountain range in Jharkhand . After the construction of roads in the hilly terrain in the year of 1838, the hilly region became assessable to the locals. The hill is one of the most sacred places in Jainism. According to Jainism, 20 out of 24 Tirthankaras attained Nirvana here. There are numerous temples on the top of the hill. Many of these temples belongs to ancient periods. The latest one dates back to 1775A.D.

Tourist places in Parasnath Hills

Significantly the hill is also regarded very holy by the Santhal Tribe. They refer the hill as “Marang Buru” which means deity of hills. During the month of October to November they observe fasting and worship the hill. Their festival is accompanied by group dancing and songs. During the festive season the tribal people seeks religious hunting in the hilly terrain. The hill of Paras Nath has been declared as a wild life sanctuary by the government of India. For More Click Here

How to Reach?

The Paras Nath hill is located on grand trunk road NH-2. One can reach the holy shrine via rail service. The city is well connected with railway network. The Paras Nath railway is located 48 kms from the main city of Giridih. Many trains like Howrah mail and Howrah –Delhi express passes through the railway station. A new railway line project is going to be commissioned from Giridih-Kodarma via Jamua. The way to the top of the hill is steep and requires a long walk uphill. Alternatively palanquins and ponies are also available.

Amazing Usri Falls in Giridih

Picnic Spots in GiridihUsri falls is yet another amazing place to visit. The Usri River gushes down the steep gorge and creates an amazing view of foaming water. The Usri River runs down the Paras Nath hills and creates a panoramic view for the visitors. The river gushes down from the height of around 40 feet and separates into three different streams running into different directions. The Usri falls has emerged as a famous picnic spot for the visitors and the locals. The place contributes to the biodiversity with different ecosystem growing in the region. The region is filled with variety of flora and fauna that add beauty to Usri falls. The region is mainly covered with deciduous trees and small shrubs with the animals like deer, wild squirrel, boars, peacocks, wild hens and kingfisher birds. The place also offers the fishing opportunity. The river is full with the common Indian inland water fishes. Many locals enjoys fishing on holidays with friends and family. For More Click Here

How to Reach?

The great Usri falls is located 14 kms away from the main city of Giridih. From the main city one can get many buses and autos to reach the destination. Many residents use their private vehicle to reach Usri falls. Tangas and rickshaws are the most economical and Eco friendly mode of transportation from the city of Giridih to the Usri falls.

Enjoy adventure sports at Khandoli Park

Khandoli Park is one of the best places to visit in the city of Giridih. The place is surrounded by natural beauty and waterfalls. It is a water reservoir located 8 kms in north-east direction to the main city of Giridih. Due to the abundance of water and greenery, the place has emerged as a heaven for bird watchers as variety of bird species visits the place on seasonal basis. The region also offers adventurous water sports activities in the region for the tourists.

Places to visit in Giridih

A watch tower and 600 feet high hillock offers a panoramic view of Khandoli site. The sports activities like rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking and para sailing are available in the vicinity of the park. Apart from that the tourists can experience the elephant and jungle safari in the park. The park has emerged as a famous picnic spot in the region of Giridih. During public holidays and festivals, the park observes increased number of visitors as the locals also enjoys spending time with their families amidst nature. For More Click Here

How to Reach?

The Khandoli Park is located 11kms away from the main city of Giridih. The main railway station is Giridih Railway Station. Outside the station a bus stand and taxi stand is located to help visitor to commute to Khandoli Park.

Pay your visit to Madhuvan

Madhuvan is also one of the popular tourist destinations in Giridih. The place is known for the ancient shrines and temples. The devotional sites are dedicated to Jain religion. The shrine and temples in the vicinity are said to be 2000 years old. The Samosharan temple and Bhomiyaji Asthan is two very famous Jain temples. The architecture of the temple is quite fascinating and reminds of ancient pasts. The place also has a Jain museum containing old Jain idols and manuscripts reflecting the rich and vibrant history of Jainism. The temples are spread in a large area surrounded by lush green trees. The place observes huge tourist influx mainly during the festive season. Outside the temple vicinity there are several shops selling flowers and prayer essentials for the pilgrims visiting the temple.

How to Reach?

The temples can be reaches using buses or autos available in the city of Giridih. Tourist coming from other states can reach Giridih railway station and from the station several transportation facilities are available to reach the shrine.

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